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beth burns, c.p.c.

inner strength, outer success 
speaker | behavioral life coach |
workshops | products | author

my mission is to share actionable strategies

to be happi(er) and more financially empow(er)ed.


  (er) is in her.....find your (er) inside®



are you happy?

happiness is a fundamental, underlying constant feeling of contentment and self-fulfillment.  true happiness is rooted in our attitude toward life, our daily behavior and how we feel about ourselves.




we are happi(er) when we achieve the goals that we set forth for ourselves, feel healthi(er) in body, mind, and spirit,

feel  empow(er)ed to take on all challenges,

exhibit mental tenacity and strength - strong(er),

and approach decisions with wisdom - wis(er).








to live a financially empow(er)ed life we have to be good stewards of our money.  a strong financial foundation expands the options in our lives and is pivotal to achieving the goals that we set, which ultimately leads to being happi(er).


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inner strength leads to outer success 

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about Beth
about beth

beth is a national speaker, certified professional coach (c.p.c), the founder of the (er) factor, and the author of  inner strength, outer success.  she has a b.s. in engineering from michigan state university and an m.b.a. from the university of chicago. beth is also a successful investment management professional, with over 25 years experience in the capital markets including mergers & acquisitions, portfolio management, investor relations, and investment management consulting.  with over 30 years of corporate experience, beth has worked with seven different organizations ranging from large fortune 500 companies to small 30 person firms.  beth is also an unmarried woman without children and very happy with her life’s journey.  equipped with her diverse professional career experience in addition to the highs and lows of being a woman in an evolving society, beth is pursuing her passion, to inspire others to be happi(er) and more financially empow(er)ed.

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