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We are happi(er) when we achieve the goals that we set for ourselves.

Often our financial situation becomes an impediment from embarking on our goals and can be a source of stress.

Financial empow(er)ment can pave the road to being happi(er).

​Financial Empow(er)ment  =
Saving and spending aligned with goal achievement  +  
An understanding of the financial markets and how they can work for you. 


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Engage with Beth one-on-one for:

  • Planning
    Devise a savings and spending plan that will align with your short-term and long-term objectives.

  • Education
    Comprehensively understand the financial markets so that you can, with confidence, plot the long-term growth of your assets.

The essence of financial empow(er)ment is controlling the flow of money. Your saving, spending and investing behavior is fundamental to this flow. Gratification is deferred yet rewarded when you save while spending fuels immediate indulgence. A balance between the two is needed to master financial empow(er)ment. Beth will partner with you to customize sessions that will address your personal financial objectives.  Your financial success is paramount in the process

Speaking / Workshops

Living a More Financially Empow(er)ed Life   

Beth will share strategies for thinking more prudently about your daily relationship with money. Is your spending thoughtful and strategic, or not well planned? The objective of this session is for you to learn how to better control the flow of your money.

  • Have Goals

  • Pay Yourself First

  • Credit and Interest Rates 

  • Wealth vs. Stuff

  • Budgeting

The Fundamentals of Investing   


Beth will review the basics of the financial markets. A long-term savings plan offered by your employer likely will be the first encounter you will have with making an investment decision.  The objective of this session is for you to have a better understanding of the terminology used and become better equipped with making investment decisions.

  • Equity vs. Fixed Income

  • Equity and Fixed Income Market Segmentation

  • Active vs. Passive Investing

  • Investment Structures (i.e. Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, etc..)

  • Diversification  


Beth is the author of two books under the primary title Inner Strength, Outer Success; her first book was Practical Strategies to being happi(er), healthi(er), empow(er)ed strong(er) and wis(er) and her second book is A savvy gal's guide to financial empow(er)ment

What people are saying

Keri Alford

Keri Alford

Karen Light

Working with Beth has been an empowering experience.  Most of my life, I have felt that money controls me and now I feel that I am in control of my money.  From day one, Beth supported my goals, showed me how I could achieve them and catered my coaching experience to address my specific questions and needs. Beth breaks down big financial concepts until I find myself understanding things I had written off as never understanding.  

Keri Alford

Beth Burns is a wonderful coach who has a keen ability to demystify investing, and personalize important financial concepts for women based on where we are in our lives today.  After just two sessions with Beth, I felt more confident and equipped to make better choices about my financial future, and I was inspired to take action right away.  Beth patiently explained how the markets work, and how I can make my money work for me!  I highly recommend any opportunity to learn from Beth, and will continue to glean pearls of wisdom from her as I continue on my financial journey.

Michael Henry

Attempting to grasp an understanding of my financial realities and goals felt like an overwhelming, if not wholly impossible, task. Stocks, bonds, ETFs, futures, bulls and bears… I had no idea where to start.  I am so grateful to have been to introduced to Beth, who was as (if not more) eager to teach me as I was to learn! From the very beginning, she was personable, thoughtful, articulate, and patient as she guided me through the foundations of financial literacy.  Thanks to Beth, I feel confident in the decisions I make with my wealth; confident that I am setting myself up for a bright financial future; confident that I chose the perfect coach and confidant to help me reach this point. 10/10 would recommend again!

Kim West

From my own experience, Beth Burns is instantly relatable and highly credible as a financial empowerment coach. She downloads confidence through her "If I can do it, you can" spirit. As a speaker, she is the living example of h(er) philosophies, with attendees eager to become a best friend. Beth Burns is authentic, and it pays.

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