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as a speaker, coach, and author, beth artfully blends wisdom garnered during her extensive corporate tenure with sage life lessons to encourage individuals to develop their inner strength and define their outer success.

speaking topics

practical strategies to be happi(er)

happiness is rooted in how we perceive, internalize and react to daily situations.   beth will share simple behavioral tips that can be incorporated daily, to live a life more self-fulfilled.

personal achievement

defining yourself


mental tenacity 

listening to self and others

living a financially empow(er)ed life   

 beth has over 25 years of experience in financial industry and she will share strategies of how to think more prudently about your personal finances.

pay yourself first


credit and interest rates 

wealth vs. stuff

 terms you need to know before you invest   

creating a harmonious work environment 


beth has navigated a successful career for over 30-years in corporate america.  she has worked for seven different organizations, ranging from fortune 500 companies to small 30 person firms.  beth will share how to stay balanced in the chaos by managing your interpersonal interactions and thinking clearly about your commitment to self.

i was often asked, “are you happy?”   as an unmarried woman over 40 without children, the answer was, and continues to be, a resounding yes!!   why was my happiness questioned?   it is because we live in a society in which all the noise that we hear leads us to believe that other people and things will be the key to our personal satisfaction.  others can assist us in our personal development, but ultimately it begins and ends on the inside.  we should look to our spouse, children, family, friends, etc., to enrich the seed of fulfillment that we have planted inside.  i challenge all to find their (er) inside...i have!  
love yourself first, and others will follow.
(er) is in her......find your (er) inside®
beth's story
why did I make it my mission to understand happiness?
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