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Inspiring women to be more financially empow(er)ed.

Beth Burns C.P.C.

coach | speaker | workshops | author

Inspiring financial empow(er)ment

In the realm of financial empow(er)ment, every drop counts and has a ripple effect.

Financial Coaching and Education

To live a financially empow(er)ed life we have to be good stewards of our money.  A strong financial foundation expands the options in our lives and is pivotal to achieving the goals that we set, which ultimately leads to being happi(er).

Choose wealth over spending on things with little lasting value. Have you created a budget to guide your daily spending?


Inspire rewarding


Are you planning to start a business, purchase a new home, take a fabulous vacation, etc., and are you on track to achieve your goals?


Educate for prudent


Are you saving for retirement and unplanned expenses and actively engaged in plotting the course for growth of the dollars you save?


Encourage mindful


Beth Burns C.P.C.

Financial Empow(er)ment Coach

Beth Burns is a certified professional coach (C.P.C.) and a national speaker. Her mission is to share actionable strategies so that others will be happi(er) and more financially empow(er)ed. Beth is the author of two books under the primary title Inner Strength, Outer Success; her first book was Practical Strategies to being happi(er), healthi(er), empow(er)ed strong(er) and wis(er) and her second book is A savvy gal's guide to financial empow(er)ment. In both books, Beth offers strategies that one can incorporate into daily life that focus on personal development and self-fulfillment. 

Beth has a BS in Engineering from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of Chicago. She has over 30 years of corporate experience of which 25 years is in financial markets.  In her career, Beth has worked with seven different organizations and successfully navigated herself financially through two periods of unemployment. Equipped with her professional experience in addition to the highs and lows of life in an evolving society, Beth is pursuing her passion to inspire others.

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