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Failure Is Not Trying

You will learn something from every experience that you undertake. You may not achieve your desired result immediately, but along the way, there are so many teachable moments, people that you will meet, and things you will learn about yourself. When you embark upon that path of chance, you will often discover a different or more desirable path to take, so don’t try something for fear of failing.

Doing nothing is a decision, it is the decision to accept the status quo. Are you satisfied where you are today? By choosing not to make a change, you are affirming your current path. Change takes effort, drive, and desire. No one is in the position to make a change in your life but you and no one will. Your success is up to you.

It is natural for others will make comments regarding your actions. Their comments are rooted in their reality, their personal view of the world or their limitations. It is comforting to us when others subscribe to our life’s lane. It is confirmation of our life choices. Politely respond that you want something different for your life and wish to walk your path. Don’t conform to a commonly held tradition or belief if it is not right for you. Your life is about your wishes and goals. Life is about ‘doing you.’

When beginning new endeavors, I ask myself, “What’s the worst that can happen?” And "Can I live with that outcome?" If the answer is yes, I press forward. I challenge all to take chances on your journey. Evaluate your options, chart your strategic course of action and execute accordingly. The only real failure is not trying.

Good Luck!

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